About Us​

Peace of Mind for the Family.

Prevent health complications for your loved ones.

A Few Words

Our mission is to reduce caregiving stress.

At CareLen we recognize the immense challenges that caregivers face daily. We aim to streamline the caregiving process through innovative voice-based insights and technology-driven monitoring, allowing for more personalized, efficient care.

The brains behind the operation, our founding team, brings together seasoned professionals in tech, AI, medical devices, and data science. Each of us has faced caregiving challenges in our personal lives, fueling our passion for creating solutions to ease caregiving stress.

How the app works?

CareLen in Action.

  • Simplified Care Management: Families craft and modify care plans effortlessly on CareLen’s intuitive platform.
  • Daily Insights for Families: Stay informed with daily progress updates, health trend alerts, and integrated device monitoring for your loved ones.
  • Voice-to-Text for Caregivers: Caregivers effortlessly log observations using their voice in their preferred language, allowing for better care and communication.
  • AI-Powered Monitoring: Our robust AI technology identifies health trends, ensures families stay informed, and supports caregivers in providing optimal care.

Through a blend of compassionate care and cutting-edge technology, CareLen is reshaping the caregiving landscape, one family at a time.

Why Choose Us

Tech-Infused Care for Peace of Mind

Voice-driven insights connect caregivers, families, and professionals.

Personalized, data-driven care designed with medical professionals.

Streamlining caregiving with intelligent, compassion-driven tools